, Farm To Work Program - Fresh, sustainable produce from your local farmer to your workplace.

Farm To Work logoFarm To Work allows customers to order directly from a local farmer who will deliver to your work site on the following Thursday. The produce is grown by a local farmer using sustainable practices. Meet about your farmer.

When you decide to order you will receive a basket containing a variety of seasonal produce determined by your farmer. The basket's cost is $20 and its contents are listed on the site and in the weekly order reminders. If you don't like an item, we encourage you to trade with a co-worker. Our recipe database and Vegipedia are great resources to help you prepare items in your basket. On the pickup day, bring your own bag and fill it up with your freshly picked veggies.

We strive to keep the basket contents up to date on the site but they are subject to change. There is not a standard weight or volume as these change with the seasons but the value will always equal the price.

There is no obligation to order each week so there is no risk by signing up to receive a weekly order reminder. We value your privacy and do not sell our customer's names, email addresses, etc. We do not store your credit card information either.

At this time, we only accept credit and debit cards. Your bill will show a charge for "Sustainable Food Center". If you do not have one, ask a co-worker to order for you.

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